Download Android Apps on PC via BlueStacks 2

Android is the largest base gaining millions of users every day, making them everyone’s favorite; users and developers alike. They are continuously pushing the boundaries to bring innovation and grow their network, with the development of hundreds of millions of games and applications. Now the Android experience is even better with Emulators such as BlueStacks that allow you to take your Android experience. Imagine playing all those Android games and using all your favorite apps on the bigger, better screen. Sounds like a dream, right? No, it isn’t. Because BlueStacks 2 is here so Download Apps on PC via BlueStacks 2 which is now better than ever. BlueStacks, which is the predecessor of this version, is known as the world’s best Android Emulator that allows you to take your gaming experience on wider screen.

bluestacks 2

BlueStacks 2 allows you to multitask along with other new features such as the screen capture option, Installing APK’s and copying files from your windows. It also fixes some bugs from the first version so the functioning is smoother and better too.

Setting up BlueStacks on your PC is an easy process and to save you all the hassle, we have written down the steps for you (You are welcome.) so gear up and enjoy the HD graphic on widescreen!

Download Android Apps on PC via BlueStacks 2 – Better than before, with new features such as multitask, screenshots, copying files to windows etc. Here’s our complete guide on How to install Android Apps for PC via BlueStacks 2.

Step by Step Guide to Install BlueStacks 2 on PC

  1. First off, make sure your internet connection is stable, before you begin installation.
  2. Now download and install the BlueStacks 2 App Player for PC using the link mentioned.
  3. Run the setup and follow your on-screen instructions to proceed.Install Bluestacks 2
  4. Enable the App Store Access and check both options during the installation process and proceed.BlueStacks 2 App Store Access
  5. Set up your Restore and Location options carefully.Bluestacks 2 Backup Location
  6. Once you have finished installation, you will be directed to the home screen. The home screen is an interface of all applications. It has a list of options on the left side of your screen that allows you actions like screenshot, location, APK etc.Bluestacks 2 Homescreen7. To set up your Google account, click the small gear on top right corner. Then go to Preferences > Advanced Settings > Accounts.
    8. After you have set up your Google account, you are good to go.

How to Sync your Google Account with BlueStacks 2

1. To integrate your account with BlueStacks, you have to sign in with your Google Account . Enter your email account and click “Next”

Bluestacks2 Google Account setup

2. Once you have entered your Email, you will be redirected to the HomeScreen.

3. To access Play Store, you must sync it with your Google account. You can either add your existing Google account or you can create a new one.

Bluestacks2 Google Setup

4. When you click on ” New”, google will require you to enter your Email and set a password or use your existing account to login.

5. Voila! Your Play Store is now connected to your PC. You can search and play all your favorite games on your desktop.

Download Android Apps on PC via BlueStacks

1. Open Play Store from your BlueStacks Home-screen.

Bluestacks2 Search

2. Search the game you are looking for.

Bluestacks2 Playstore

3. Install the game after accepting the terms and conditions.

4. Now you will be able to play your Android games on PC without any glitches.

So, wasn’t it easy to install BlueStacks 2 on your PC. Moreover, you were able to see as how to Download Android Apps on PC via BlueStacks. Now move ahead and enjoy your gaming experience on wide screen!

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