With the launch of first Smartphone, the technology world flipped upside down and there’s no way back from this change now, only forward.  This Smartphone revolution has played a huge role in shaping today’s society. What Android and iOS delivered is a world full of many options about gaming or generally communication.  Smart phones are called pocket-sized PC but do they give an equally thrilling gaming experience as a PC on a much smaller screen? We doubt so.

That’s where Android emulators come in. Android emulators bridge the gap between smart phones and desktops. They promise the same games built for your Android device, but on a bigger screen, to make your gaming experience better.

Bigger screen ensures better graphics, so the gamers who like graphic-intensive games can have double the fun. Playing Android games on your PC is not a daunting task anymore, as we at Appstorelaptop have got you covered whether it’s about deciding which game is a hit, and which one is a miss or about easy guides for downloading all Android or iOS games.

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You can do so by downloading emulators like BlueStacks, AndyOS, NoxAppPlayer and KOPlayer on your Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Mac OS X powered desktops. Keep an eye on this space to get your hands on the latest news and updates about gaming as making your gaming experience wonderful is our ultimate goal.

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